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Costume Contest 2012 Winners!

Date Nov 05, 2012 Views 5331
Asda Halloween Costume Contest

We were amazed by the large amount of stylish combinations entered into this contest!
As such, we decided to adjust the rewards so that more people can win!
Winners will have to send in a DQA for the accessories they want.
Top Winners will also have to add which avatar set they want.
Also, let us know which character you want the prizes on!

Winners Receive
1 Accessory of Choice
2 Style Shop Coupons
[7-Day] Premium Potion

Top Winners Also Receives

Avatar Set of Choice
Fashionista Title

Top Female

Fave 4 Females

Top Male

Fave 4 Males


Facebook Halloween Costume Contest
We had a lot of awesome entries to this contest, but we can only pick one winner!

Please give a huge congratulations to Shouko!
We loved that it's the only costume inspired from our game - the Libra Star Set!
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