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Buying Gold = Permanent Ban

Date Aug 17, 2012 Views 13509
Hello Asda 2,

While this is in the terms of service, FAQ, and announced previously here and on Facebook/Twitter, here's a reminder!

As most of you know by now, Gold Sellers have returned to the world of Asda 2. We would like to remind everyone that purchasing gold and other items from third party websites is not allowed on Asda 2, or any GamesCampus game, as stated in the terms of service you agreed to when signing up:

H. You may not advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying, selling, trading, sharing, or transferring access to any GamesCampus account.  You may not sell, buy or trade characters or items.  Any advertising regarding trading of characters or items on message boards may be deleted without notification. OnNet USA is not responsible for any problems caused by illegal trading, selling or buying of characters or items. 

Purchasing gold will result in a permanent ban of your GamesCampus account and related accounts at our discretion (keep in mind, this is also a good reason to not share accounts, even with someone you may trust).

No matter what the website's name/URL is, if you are not purchasing through the GamesCampus website using the official payment methods, you are not buying something legitimate. Of course, this is talking about purchasing with real money. We're not going to ban you for selling/trading your in-game items for other in-game items.

In the case of a ban, no refunds will be made on any items or CC purchased, also as stated in the terms of service:

I. Any violation of the Terms of Use, Game Policy, Rules of Conduct, License or any other agreement affecting the use of the GamesCampus service may result in termination or suspension of a user account at the sole discretion of OnNet USA.  In the event of termination, no refund will be made to the user.  In the event of suspension, OnNet USA will provide the suspended account user's purchased Campus Credit and items at the end of the suspension period.

We also highly recommend not taking any free gold that is offered to you, as it may be gold that was obtained illegally, and may result in a ban on suspicion of buying gold. If you receive a mail with gold from a random player, or if a player you don't know asks if you want gold, deny the offer, delete the mail, and send a DQA with the character name so we can investigate the matter.

Keep in mind that many of the gold sellers recently have been the accounts of old users who have not been around since the previous hacking situation a few months ago. Even if the character may seem legitimate, gold sellers have been using these accounts and stealing the gold off of them to sell. We also ask that you be cautious of accepting large amounts of gold even from players you know, unless you know the source of their gold.

As always, we would also like to remind players to keep their account updated and secure. We recommend players update their passwords every few weeks, and be sure to keep their email and secret question/answer current. Frequent password changes, even if a simple 1 character change, will keep you secure in the case of a rare hacking situation.

Remember, these gold sellers wouldn't be here if there was no profit to be made. Players who purchase gold are perpetuating the gold spam. So, do your friends, community, and self a favor and don't buy gold!

In regards to the gold spam, unfortunately these spammers are using some type of tool in order to instantly whisper or mail players that enter their view in the game. Even GM characters, which normally cannot be whispered and are invisible, will receive the whispers. The developers are aware of the issue and are trying to figure it out. We will try to get whispers included in the chat block feature as well as getting that feature to be a permanent list (rather than reset on log out), but it will take some time. Currently, the only way to not receive the whisper spam is to turn off whispers completely in your settings.

Lastly, if you would like to spend money for gold, while we do not sell gold directly, there is a legitimate method. Purchasing premium items from our item mall, then selling them to other players for in-game gold is the only acceptable method, and you can make large amounts of gold if you watch the market for what items are popular. Not only does this get you what you need, but using this method also directly supports the game and keeps us running!

Please be sure to use safe trading methods, and never accept offers of "I'll give you gold tomorrow if you give me an item today," or other trades of such nature. Trades are always the players' responsibility, and we may not be able to help you in the case that you are scammed.

Thank you for reading, and for your cooperation.

[AP] Aris