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Titles System and Facebook Link Details

Date Feb 14, 2012 Views 32442
Hello Asda 2!

As most of you know, Asda Story was equipped with a fun and competitive titles collection system which has not been available since the release of Asda 2. This was the choice of us here at GamesCampus, due to the fact there had been no changes in the system since Asda Story. We thought this would be quite boring, especially for players who already played through the titles in the original Asda Story. After months of planning and development, we're very happy to announce that a new and improved titles system is here!

General Titles Information
For those new to the titles system, it is basically the achievements system for Asda 2. Performing certain actions will allow you to discover new titles, and continuing those actions you will eventually gain titles which you can display above your head. Some titles are easy to gain, while others will take quite some time, effort, and maybe even luck!

To those familiar with Asda Story's system, you will see some familiar favorites as well as many brand new titles. Some original titles have had their requirements adjusted to be more fitting of Asda 2. Another difference is that all titles can now also be placed as a prefix or suffix using the buttons, allowing each person to make a unique title all their own!

To apply a title, open the titles window and select a single title. Press Prefix or Suffix to place in the desired location. You may select another title and place it in the opposite location if you wish. Press Confirm, and the title will appear above your head.

There are over 200 titles to collect, and more on the way as new content, features, and events are released!

Title Ranking System
One of the most exciting updates to the titles system is the all new ranking perks! Players within the top 1000 in ranking will receive bonus stats on their character! Ranking is decided by the total title points you have accumulated. This only includes titles which have been gained.

The bonus stats gained are based on your ranking, class, and level. So, for example, a higher level player wil gain a higher amount of stats if they are tied with a lower level player, but the low level player will have a higher bonus than lower ranked players of their own level.

The rankings and bonuses will be refreshed at 3am each day. A map change or re-log may be necessary to refresh.


Facebook Link System
You will now be able to show off your achievements on Facebook! The new Facebook Link system allows you to select a title and boast it on your Facebook Wall/Timeline!

The Facebook Link system also has three additional functions.

• Right click an item in your inventory to boast an item and it's details straight to your wall/timeline.

• After taking a screenshot, the game will ask if you would like to upload the screenshot to Facebook. Doing so will put the screenshot in a new Asda 2 album on your page.

• A new Facebook button in the bottom right will allow you to access Facebook in a window directly in the game.

Asda 2 - Facebook Link

Of course, the Facebook Link is completely optional. You must have a Facebook account, and approve the Asda 2 application when it asks to access your profile (as with any Facebook Application). We assure you that this application is secure and no personal information can be gained by us or others by adding this application to your account.

Titles List
Without further delay, the titles list! While we aren't listing all of the titles and how to get them, we will go ahead and list some hints for some titles so Asda Story players don't have TOO much of an information advantage over new players. We will also list the names and points for some others, but no hints (it's more fun that way >:D).

Asda 2 Titles List - Character Category
Asda 2 Titles List - General CategoryAsda 2 Titles List - Quest Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Soulmate Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Guild Category
Asda 2 Titles List - PvP Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Monster Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Item Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Upgrade Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Crafting Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Mining Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Fishing Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Pet Category
Asda 2 Titles List - Event Category

We imagine there are a couple questions regarding the titles system, so we'd like to address some we can think of here:

1. What about my previous progress?
In testing, all level and class-based titles that would have been received by that character were gained when logging in. It's possible other titles will also do this, but not confirmed. We are also unsure about the previous progress of token titles at this time. All titles should be able to be gained even if not counting your previous progress. If you encounter any issues, especially regarding quest titles, please let us know via DQA (NOT by complaining about it in chat, Facebook, Forums, etc.).

2. Will you be giving out titles that we should have already gained?
If there is a title that is no longer possible to gain for your character, but you should have already received it, we will be able to apply it to your character once we have the proper tools to do so. Do not DQA in at this time.  We will be testing titles further to make sure they can all be obtained. We will not be giving out titles that can still be gained by your character (i.e. token titles, crafting level titles which should be gained once you level crafting again, etc.).

We are currently aware that Soulmate Level titles cannot be gained unless you disband and get a new soulmate, which isn't a proper solution, so we will work with players having that issue (possibly by lowering the Soulmate level to 29 and having you level it to 30 again).

3. How can I get tokens for monsters out of my level range?
Most monster types should or will eventually have monsers within your level range (excluding bosses). Because you cannot just go farm lower level monsters, these achievements become more challenging, and may require team work between you and lower level players. The fact that you do not receive drops from lower level monsters is intentional, and was thoroughly thought about in the process of making these titles. For this reason, the requirements on these titles have been greatly lowered in most cases in comparison to Asda 1.

4. Token names got all mixed up!
Since the titles system was not implemented yet, the tokens were not technically a usable item. The tokens were reorganized in the databse with the many new tokens that were added, so you may have tokens that changed from one monster to another. These tokens will give you the title for the monster the token depicts, not the monster it used to be for. This is true in the case of boss tokens as well. If you had boss tokens previously, and would like them exchanged back for the boss tokens you had prevously, please send in a DQA. We may be able to exchange these if we receive a list from the developers of who had tokens before maint. We will not do this for normal monster tokens, only bosses!

5. Will you post a list of titles and the exact requirements?
No! But you can! In Asda 1 it was a large community effort to build the titles list guide, and it was awesome to see everyone work together to bring that information to the community. While we may provide hints for some titles, or even give the exact requirements, we will not be compiling a complete list. We highly encourage the community to build this list. We may or may not add the requirements to the list above once players have found the exact requirements.

6. There's a LOT of skipped numbers in the IDs list. What's that about?
Empty spots could be one of the following: unreleased titles due to relation to unreleased content, secret titles, or reserved spots for future titles within the same category.

We hope you enjoy this new and improved titles system! We had a lot of fun thinking up the titles, so have fun collecting them!

-[AP] Aris & [GM] Cloudy