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Flammio Update Has Arrived!

Date Jul 22, 2011 Views 19437
Hello Asda 2!
So, we're just going to go ahead and edit this post to be the main hub for the Flammio update. Please check back here later for some detailed information about things such as the pet system, sealing system, and other new updates. For now, it's more of an overview and some things you will need to know about the changes.

Things you need to know:
Please be aware of the following in order to avoid confusion and extra DQAs:

1. The appearance of armor has been changed, so you may no longer like your current armor.
2. All players have had their eyes changed to green, but can change them for 10,000 gold at the Style Shop.
3. Death Match Mode has been removed from Faction War until revised.
4. All avatars outside of boosters/packages have become untradable.
5. Your Supply Packages will arrive in your Premium Item Post Box.
6. We are aware there are some issues, such as the stat (Magic Defense), among several other things, but please do not hesitate to report any issues until we get the "known issues" list updated.

And now, on to the updates!

Inferos Continent: Flammio has arrived!
Inferos, the Fire Continent  
Inferos, a land filled with fire and lava, was seen as a no-man’s land.  With the unbearable heat, it was widely accepted as a place impossible for civilization.  However, this was changed with the appearance of the Sandrans.  Using their highly advanced technology, the Sandrans were able to piece together a new civilization, and created their hope of Flammio. They were instrumental in the discovery of things no one believed possible. Their technology was spread throughout Alpen, capital of Asda Empire, and many Sandrans went to Alpen to share their skill and negotiate treaties with the humans.

Omni Deckron has once again invaded Flammio with his forces, and the Asda Empire has sent reinforcements to the Sandran village in an effort to combine forces and face Deckron Army. Military forces have been dispatched, and many guilds and adventurers are also making their way to the area to help protect Flammio. Mt. Flammion is now a battleground, and it is said that few survive to tell of their adventures inside.

Fire God Agnis
Long ago, the continent of Inferos was protected by a powerful fire god, Agnis. She was the strongest god in all of Inferos, and was considered the supreme guardian in Flammio. Ancient scripts illustrate the attack of Omni Deckron's army on Inferos, and the fierce battle that ensues with Agnis.  The result of the battle left the Inferos continent engulfed in flames, with many scars on the land. Onmi Deckron retreated at the end of the war, and it is said that Agnis divided herself into two.  One part of Agnis acts as a guardian, protecting Mt. Flammio. Her other part has been sealed into hibernation in order to restore power lost during the epic battle.

However, with the rise of the Deckron Army once again in Flammio, Agnis has become corrupted due to the selfishness of humanity, and now appears to be working alongside Omni Deckron.

The first part of the Inferos continent is here! The area features the Sandran Tribe's village, Flammio, with its surrounding field area, a brand new field map Flammio Plains, and the Mt. Flamion dungeon. The monsters in this area consist primarily of Sandran tribe traitors, parrots, machines, slimes, and golems. The area contains over 100 new quests and new repeatable quests for levels 50~60. The Flammio section of the Faction War is also be available for levels 50~69.

Because the cap is currently level 55, not all quests are available yet. We highly recommend keeping your level 55 quests unfinished in order to make the most of the quest experience once the cap is raised to 60!
Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - FlammioBest Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Flammio PlainsBest Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Mt. Flamion

Pet System: Collect some new friends!
The Pet System (Part 1) brings 11 pets for you to collect, each with a common, uncommon, and rare version! Like armor, common and uncommon pets will increase one of your character's stats, while the rare version will increase two. Pets will also grow larger as they level up! Each pet also has a rank, which means they also have level requirements. So level up so you can get them all!

Eggs will be dropped by monsters similar in species to the pet. A full list of pets, where they drop, and what stats they give will be added soon. Incubators can be purchased at the General Shop. Ongoing pet food and increased pet storage can be purchased from the premium shop.
Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Pets

Along with the introduction of the pet system, a special vanity pet, the Flame Spirit, will also be available for a limited time. This pet has no stats, and can be obtained by gathering 50 Flame Hearts and hatching the egg successfully.
Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Flame Spirit Pet
The second part of the update is scheduled to arrive with Aqueon in September, which should include the evolution system, level limit breaking, as well as new premium pets and items.
Style Shop: Customize your character more than ever!
We know many of you have been getting sick of your limited hair choices, but all that has changed! Visit the Stylist, Yuki, in Alpen to change your look! She has quite a variety of choices for you, with 10 hairstyles accessible with in-game gold, and another 10 accessible with premium coupons. Each free and premium hairstyle can be used with all 24 vibrant colors! Not only that, you can also change your face between all 19 styles, including 6 eye colors for each! Below is a small sample of the combinations possible on females.

Gold hairstyles range from 10,000 gold to 30,000 gold. Premium styles use 1-2 coupons each, which can be purchased from the premium shop. All faces/eye colors are 10,000 gold, except two premium female faces which cost 1 coupon.

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Style Shop

[Random Fact: 24 Colors x 20 Styles x 19 Faces x 6 Eye Colors = 54,720 possible looks!]
This also means there are 27,360 looks you can get without buying CC!

Additionally, you can now create a character with the 5 basic hair colors.
Leveling Packages: Get items just for leveling!
Want a little help leveling up? Tired of your armor? Every 5 levels players now receive a supply package containing level-appropriate HP and MP potions, and varying items including upgrade stones, premium items, experience items, and more! Players will receive their first package at level 2, which can be opened at level 5. The level 10 package will be distributed at level 5, 15 at 10, and so on. Keep an eye on your premium post boxes as you level!

Some of the boxes contain special sowel boosters. These sowels are slightly more powerful than other uncommon sowels of their level, and can be placed in any piece of equipment! The sowels from 25+ are tradable, so if you don't get the one you want, feel free to sell it or trade it!

Avatars aren't just premium items! Each job change level you will be granted with an avatar booster insice your supply pack, containing one of Asda Story's classic avatars (10-Witch Set, 30-Strawberry Set, 50-Mechanic Set)! Each booster will give you one of the three color possibilities. Don't like the one you get? The level 30 and 50 sets can be traded as long as they are kept inside their packages!

By the way, at the start, all players have also received all the boxes for previous levels. This means if you were level 50 before maintenance, you have received the level 5~55 boxes. You have not missed out on your avatars and items! You can find all your boxes in your premium post box.

That's not all!
Finally use your honor coins from war and quests to purchase armor, weapons, rings, necklaces, and even skill reset scrolls!

Dig up sowel shards from the ground and create special rare sowels, including some main defense and attack sowels! There are different levels available in different areas. More details will be added soon!

Seal your used equipment so it can be traded to another player! Head to the blacksmith to find out how many scrolls your soulbound item will need to unseal. Each item will require a different amount based on level and rarity. Once you know how many you need, purchase the scrolls from the premium shop, use them, and trade away! Items can only be sealed a total of 20 times, and the amount of scrolls needed increases each time an item is sealed.

By the way, repeatable quest experience has been increased. Woohoo!

Watch for the complete new features information throughout the week! We will be posting comprehensive information regarding the pets, style shop, leveling packages, and more!

We hope you enjoy this large update to the game we all love!

-[AP] Aris