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2014 Ghost Festival Events

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Aug 20, 2014 00:00

Sep 23, 2014 00:00
Hello Asda 2!

The Ghost Festival Event is now back with some new additions base on this month's Ancient Japan theme.

Ghost Festival: Spirit Warrior Event!

Dates: 08/20 - 09/23

Gather up  25 "Ofuda" Talisman (only obtainable from defeating the Restless Spirits) and combine them into a Spirit Shrine Summon Stone

Bring this stone to the Martyr's Tombstone in Silaris and summon the giant Spirit Warrior.

Once you have defeated the Spirit Warrior will drop the [New] Spirit Warrior Booster.

Collect all avatar pieces and wear it to become the Ultimate Japanese Warrior.

Restless Spirit Potion will let you become one of the Restless Spirits for 1 hour


Ghost Festival: Restless Spirit Event!
Dates: 08/20 - 09/23

Oh no! Something is causing the deceased to remain here as spirits! It's believed that the deceased were burried with cursed amulets, which prevented them from moving on. Collect the amulets from the Restless Spirits and help our friends rest in peace!

Each day you will be able to pick up the Restless Spirits quest from the Bulletin Board in Alpen. The quest is for Lv1~99, so all players may participate. The quest will ask you to collect 10 Cursed Charms from Restless Spirits, which you will find all over the field maps of Asda 2.

The quest will award you 10,000 EXP and 1,000 gold. You'll also receive one Spirit Box and a Spirit Token. Once you collect 15 Spirit tokens, they can be turned in for the "Spirit" title.

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Ghost Festival Avatar

[Booster] Spirit Box Contents
Ghost Festival Avatar Set
Restless Spirit Egg (Stamina, Spirit)
20x Superior HP Potion
20x Superior MP Potion
3x Return Scroll
3x Revival Scroll
Spirit Token

Additionally, killing Restless Spirits, even while not on the quest, will give you a chance to receive a Charm Box containing one charm to help you for 1 hour on your adventures:

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Charms

[Booster] Charm Box Contents
Charm of Experience: EXP+20%
Charm of Fortune: Drop Rate+20%
Charm of Life: HP+10%
Charm of Energy: MP+10%
Charm of Might: Attack+10%
Charm of Magic: Magic Attack+10%
Charm of Power: Strength+5%
Charm of Agility: Dexterity+5%
Charm of Wisdom: Intellect+5%
Charm of Vitality: Stamina+5%
Charm of Spirit: Spirit+5%
Charm of Luck: Luck+5%

Chibi-Maker Contest:
Dates: 08/19 - TBD

As part of our ongoing Japanese theme events we are going to host a Chibi-Maker Contest. Below are just some of our past Chibi-Maker Winners, as a sample of all the combinations of designs you can do with the Chibi-Maker Program! Follow the link below to participate for more details and a chance to win some avatar prizes. Ganbatte!