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March Bonus Credit

Date Mar 28, 2014 Views 2268
Mar 28, 2014 00:00

Mar 31, 2014 00:00
Bonus Credit Event

Dates: 03/28 - 03/30

Get more for your money with the Bonus Credit Event!
Stock up! Earn up to 50% bonus CC on every fill up!*
First time purchasing? Get 1000CC extra bonus on your first fill up!**

Click Here to Fill Up Now!

*Restrictions: All purchase methods except BillToMobile and OpenBucks are eligible. Only purchase amounts shown to the right are included. Bonuses are based on the amount per transaction, not combined fill-ups. $10 fill ups not eligible.

**First Time Buyer: Only those who have never purchased CC from any method are eligible for the First Time Buyer bonus. Only purchase amounts shown to the right are included. That means purchases below $20 will not qualify. $10 fill ups not eligible.

GamesCampus Bonus Credit Event
Premium Upgrade Packages

Dates: 03/28 - 03/30

Premium Upgrade Packages are now available for a limited time!

This package contains the following items:

10x Premium Upgrade Protection ScrollsProtects your item from breaking or losing upgrade levels on failure.
10x Premium Upgrade Supplements: Increases the chance of successfully upgrading an item by 120% of the upgrade chance.
10x E-Rank Universal Upgrade Stones: A stone used to upgrade any equipment of any level.

Let's Upgrade!

Gold Monocle

Dates: 03/28 - 03/30

Spend $100 or more during Bonus Credit, you're eligible to gain a Gold Monocle accessory!

This accessory will be distributed sometime in April.
Please keep an eye out for our notices!