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Bonus Credit & Black Friday Sales!

Date Nov 19, 2012 Views 7379
Nov 21, 2012 00:00

Nov 26, 2012 23:59

Hello Asda 2!

It's here again: the biggest shopping weekend of the year!
Thanksgiving and Black Friday are right around the corner, and we've got some great deals for you!
Be sure to check the dates for each specific offer below!
Campus Credit Specials

50% Bonus Credit & First Time Buyer Event!
Dates: 11/21~11/26

Another bonus credit event has arrived!
Along with all the great deals and steals, get even more for your money!

Stock up on Campus Credit and receive up to 50% bonus CC*!
First time purchasing? Get 1000CC extra as bonus on your first fill up**!

Click Here to Fill Up on Campus Credits Now!

**Only those who have not purchased CC from any method are eligible for the First Time Buyer bonus. $10 fill ups not eligible.

GamesCampus Bonus Credit Event
Cyber Monday Specials

Premium Upgrade Supplements
Date: 11/26 only

You've protected your items, now increase the success rates for upgrading by more than double!

Gold Premium Upgrade Supplements increase your upgrade success rate by 120%, ensuring success up to +10!

Increase Your Success Now!

Pack of 10x - 2170C (25% Off)
Pack of 5x - 1300C (10% Off)
Pack of 1x - 290C

Thanksgiving Specials

Black Lucky Booster & Black Angel Promo
Dates: 11/22~11/30

Our next Lucky Booster is here! And what a beauty she is!
14 beautiful Black & Gold avatars await you in this box full of goodies!

Plus, 20 lucky players who buy this booster between 11/22~11/25 will win the Black Angel avatar! Each booster purchase is 1 raffle entry!

Test Your Luck Now!

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Black Angel Avatar

Turkey Pet Booster
Dates: 11/22~11/30

The Turkeys are back! Open up the Turkey Pet Booster to receive one of 4 different Turkey pets: Red, Green, Blue, and Gold!

Each Turkeys provides the Stamina stat, plus another helpful stat!
Red: Strength, Green: Dexterity, Blue: Intellect, Yellow: Luck

Get Your Gobbles Now!

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Turkey Pet Booster

I'm a Big Spenda!
Dates: 11/22~11/25

With no "Bill" title, how are you supposed to show off your riches? Instead, show off your cash with the exclusive Big Spenda Glasses!

When you spend $100 (10,000CC) or more in the Asda 2 item mall between 11/22 and 11/25, you'll get the Big Spenda Glasses for free! The item will be distributed to eligible accounts on Monday, November 26th.

Start Your Spending Spree Now!

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Big Spenda Glasses
Seasonal Specials

Pilgrim Avatars!
Dates: 11/21~12/18

The Pilgrims are back, and this time they've brought friends! Get the Pilgrim or Settler avatar set for just 990CC! The Colonial avatar set is available to Loyalty Program members, also for 990CC!

Plus, the Native American avatar set is also on sale!

Get In Colonial-times Style Now!

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Colonial Avatar

Sagittarius Star II!
Dates: 11/22~11/25

The next constellation has arrived! The Sagittarius Star II and original Sagittarius Star sets are now available for 990CC!

Keeping with the Black and Gold theme, the "II" set is Black, Yellow, and White with awesome lightning and archer themed details!

Show off Your Sagittarius Pride Now!

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Sagittarius Star II Avatar
Black Friday Specials (ENDED)

Premium Upgrade Protection Scrolls
Date: 11/23 only

They're back! Keep your gear safe when upgrading with the gold Premium Upgrade Protection Scrolls! These scrolls will protect your items from breaking or losing upgrades all the way up to +20!

Buy Now!

Pack of 10x - 2170C (25% Off)
Pack of 5x - 1300C (10% Off)
Pack of 1x - 290C

50% Off Black Avatars
Date: 11/23 only

Black avatars and accessories for half off! Full costumes, wings, glasses, and more!

Eligible Avatars: Bunny Set, Sexy Swim & Snorkel Set, Shinobi Set, Attendant Set, Military Dress Set

Check Them Out Now!

Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Shinobi Avatar

35% Off Expansion Items
Date: 11/23 only

Need more space for all these great items? We've got you covered to increase your storage!

Expand Warehouse, Expand Avatar Warehouse, Capacity Increase, Expand Pet Box, and Inventory Expansions are all included in this sale!

Increase Your Space Now!

Expand Warehouse - 790CC 510CC
Expand Avatar Warehouse - 620CC 400CC
Weight Capacity Increase - 690CC 440CC
Expand Pet Box - 450CC 290CC
Inventory Expansion - 190~970CC 120~630CC