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Thanksgiving Time 2012

Date Nov 13, 2012 Views 7218
Nov 13, 2012 00:00

Dec 18, 2012 21:00
Thanksgiving Time!
Time for us to be thankful for all you loyal Asda 2 fans and supporters! 
We hope you'll all enjoy your time with your families and eat until your bellies burst!

New Thanksgiving Titles

Love titles? Love food? We've got some great titles for you this Thanksgiving!

Turkey (Rare, 5pts): Turn in 50 Turkey Tokens. They drop 25% from Turkeys, and 100% from Gold Turkeys!
Pie (Rare, 5pts): Eat 10 pieces of Pumpkin Pie!
Potato (Rare, 5pts): Eat 20 Mashed Potatoes!
Feast (Rare, 10pts): Collect the Turkey, Pie, and Potato titles to earn this title automatically!

Thanksgiving (Hero, 20pts): Turn in the Thanksgiving Title token, contained in the Gold Thanksgiving Box! This means you must call attendance on the same character for 25 of the 28 available days!

Thanksgiving Attendance
Dates: 11/13 ~ 12/11

Drop by the Event NPC everyday to collect attendance tokens for special Thanksgiving prizes! 

Gold Thanksgiving Box (25 Tokens)
Fall Woodfolk Avatar
7-Day Premium Potion

7-Day CoCo Tube Vehicle
7-Day Penalty Removal Potion

Thanksgiving Title Token

Silver Thanksgiving Box (7 Tokens)

1-Day Premium Potion
1-Day CoCo Tube Vehicle
30-minute Potion Booster

Turkey Hunt
Dates: 11/13 ~ 12/11

Gobble, gobble! Hunt down Turkeys for yummy rewards! They have a 25% chance to drop a shiny Turkey Title Token and a nice booster filled with delicious goodness:

Thanksgiving Feast
100,000 Gold Coin
5,000 Gold Coin
[1D] Coco Tube Vehicle
Cranberry Sauce
Mashed Potatoes

Pumpkin Pie
Roast Turkey

Keep an eye out for the rare Golden Turkey! It carries the same yummy feast and token that the regular Turkeys drop, but at 100% chance. There's also a chance for it to drop 100CC Coupons and Turkey Eggs! The CC for the 100CC coupons will be distributed after the event has ended.

Gold Star Drop Rate Event
Dates: 11/13 ~ 12/11

Found a Gold Star? Turn it in to the Event NPC, and once 1000 have been collected on a channel, a 2x Drop Rate event will run in that channel for 1 hour!

If you turn in 100 Gold Stars or more, you'll have a chance to receive a Golden Gift package!
It's not a guaranteed reward!

Golden Gift
Golden Field Wolf Egg
[1-Day] Golden Nimbus
5,000 Gold Coin
Attack Increase Potion
Magic Attack Increase Potion
Small EXP Potion

Facebook Feast
Dates: 11/13 ~ 11/25

Share your delicious Thanksgiving dinner with your Asda 2 family!

Every participant who follows the instructions will receive a Fall Cloak!

The yummiest photo will receive a Rare Premium Turkey Pet of choice! However, the more entries we get, we'll hand out more turkey pets.

How to enter:
• Write your IGN and "asda2.gamescampus.comon a piece of paper.
• Post a photo of your Thanksgiving feast with the paper mentioned above on our Facebook Fan page.

We have the right to disqualify any entry that does not appear to be a Thanksgiving meal.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Regardless of if you celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you will spend time with family and be thankful this season! Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more events and updates!