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Guild Deicide/ SM Sagaru

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Server TILIA Character Sulli Class Weapon Master
Writer Bellabells77 Gender Female Date 03/31/2014
Bella is my Main, Naeun is also my main. I used to be Suki, friend is holding that name atm. A1 player but a lazy lvler 8D Original sm and always Cub, but he's gay and Indian, and busy. Sm Sagaru - Bella, we shall be the hawt Power couple k. My one sided love is Yuuichirou. Bao is ghey. I have 4 asda virtual daughters, because why not? Saharia - eldest Kathyrn - 2cnd eldest Darian- 3rd eldest Suki- 4th but possibly adopted. 8D My other chars include Tomato, Jisa, Jane, Song, Believe, Sulli. I'm not a factionist I have friends on both sides and just don't care for drama.

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