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Writer lightningmage Date 10/22/2012 Views 2549
Avatar: - Kawaii Pumpkin Head - Spooky Pumpkin Top - Green Reindeer Gloves - Life Dragon's Bottoms - Spooky Pumpkin Shoes I chose for this look because i like the combination of colors in it and it looks kinda halloweenish if you'd ask me. I really like how the orange 'glow' from the Green Reindeer Gloves is looking like it's coming out of the sleeves of the Spooky Pumpkin Top, which is pretty cool in my opinion. I also really like how the wings of the Spooky Pumpkin Top match with the Life Dragon's Bottoms, i chose for the Spooky Pumpkin Shoes because they just match kinda well with the rest of the look and i chose the Kawaii Pumpkin Head just because i had to choose it. ~ Grape
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